Pastured Pork

Blue Slate Ranch pork is naturally raised on the ranch’s grass and forested areas. They are hormone and antibiotic free, making for very happy and healthy pigs.

The ranch maintains purebred boars (Berkshire, Duroc and Landrace), purebred gilts and sows (Duroc, Berkshire, Landrace) and crossbred gilts and sows. Most pork sold off the ranch is the result of breeding purebred boars with crossbred gilts and sows. The results are a high quality carcass, gentle dispositions and mouth-watering pork.

We sell our pork in wholes, halves, and cuts; we also sell weaner piglets.
All Blue Slate Ranch products are sold using one or more of the following means: the ranch’s e-commerce website, local farmers markets and direct from the ranch. Our pork live on grassed and forested pastures at the ranches main location, 642 Yates Road in Pend Oreille, County, Washington.